The big test.

On the menu: Coconut Sugar Broiled White Grapefruit

Coconut Sugar Broiled White Grapefruit ~ Documenting our Dinner.

Do I like grapefruit? I do now.

Grapefruit grossed me out growing up. When I was a kid, the grapefruit spoons in my Grandma’s kitchen drawer were for Italian ice cups. But then I grew up and discovered Campari. And that shit is right, therefore I must like grapefruit. Wrong. I have tried grapefruit every winter since (so, like 3 times) to no avail.

The urge to try again came about through a couple of intriguing grapefruit recipes I’ve read recently. There’s this one, for the wild and crazy kids. Here’s one for the forever kids. Broiled grapefruit jumped out at me as a tolerable means of consumption. I picked up both a red and a white grapefruit at the grocery store–go big or go home, friends–and decided I would try heating up the more bitter and intimidating white grapefruit.

Coconut Sugar Broiled White Grapefruit ~ Documenting our Dinner.

I quickly found a broiled white grapefruit recipe. Did I need a recipe for this? No, but as someone who doesn’t try new things without major guidance (hello, being WAY behind on my dissertation…), I needed all the help I could get. We didn’t have raw sugar, but we did have a bag of coconut sugar and that sounded like a good idea. I cut the grapefruit in half and got a big whiff of it’s floral, piney aroma. Nothing smells like grapefruit. I’ve long liked it’s scent, though. The big test was yet to come. After blanketing one half with the coconut sugar, I put it under the broiler for 5 minutes.

You guys! This is freaking delicious! You get the caramely sweetness of the coconut sugar first and finish with a much tempered bitterness of the grapefruit. I devoured it. Grapefruit and I are bitter enemies no more.

Coconut Sugar Broiled White Grapefruit
adapted from The view from Great Island

serves 2

1 white grapefruit
2 teaspoons coconut sugar

Preheat your broiler to high and place an oven rack as close to the heating element as you can. Slice the grapefruit in half and place on a foil-lined baking sheet. Cover the cut flesh of each half with a teaspoon of coconut sugar. Place under the broiler until the flesh is bubbly and the sugar has caramelized to a dark golden brown, about 5 minutes.

To serve, loosen each segment with a knife, then scoop that warm, juicy goodness up!

Coconut Sugar Broiled White Grapefruit ~ Documenting our Dinner.

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18 Responses to The big test.

  1. I love grapefruit! But it took me a while to get there, so I understand that you don’t LOVE it. This recipe sounds so good! YUM!

    • Brianne says:

      Grapefruit is definitely an acquired taste. And I imagine I have a ways to go, because this version is literally smothered in sugar. But since I didn’t spit it out instantly, I consider this a victory.

  2. shannon says:

    i have NEVER understood the appeal of a grapefruit for breakfast: maybe it’s because i wasn’t broiling it? I’ve always liked grapefruit to a point: i’m mostly indifferent, and i don’t hate it (although bottled grapefruit juice upsets me, ick), so that equals “like” to me. but i want to *really* like it, and i’m intrigued by this. doing it. because i trust you.

    • Brianne says:

      Grapefruit for breakfast never appealed to me, either. Mostly because I enjoy copious amounts of carbs in my morning meal. That and I’ve always hated grapefruit. I either love something or I hate it. I loved this grapefruit. You should try it; it’s so easy and really delicious!

  3. Joyti says:

    I once had a grapefruit that I liked – I think it was just the right balance of sweet and tart, whereas I normally find them too tart. I love the idea of broiling it with coconut sugar – I bet the flavors are incredible together, and the coconut sugar adds a nice sweet-but-not-too-sweet touch.

    • Brianne says:

      Oh, gosh…I hope I didn’t pick up an extraordinarily sweet grapefruit! As a scientist, I probably should have tested this a few times before concluding that I do indeed find grapefruit palatable. But I was way too excited about it. The coconut sugar was the best part. I tried using brown sugar on the other half of the grapefruit, and it was just not as good. Nice to meet you, Joyti! You have a beautiful blog!

  4. emma says:

    This is so so so funny, all the grapefruit hate contained on this page! I for one love grapefruit, and I always have. And those grapefruit spoons! Such treasured possessions. I loved winter best when I was younger, and I think a part of that was knowing that it was grapefruit time. I’ve never been able to eat the whole fruit (with pith), but the sourness has never bothered me, so I’ve never before added sugar. I’m going to give this a try! ….though, coconut sugar… where do I find that?

    • Brianne says:

      I’ve always been a hater of the grapefruit. And I so wish I had taken some of my grandma’s grapefruit spoons when she moved into assisted living. I loved them.

      Grapefruit pith?!? I might throw up. You gotta ease a girl into this shit! Though I’m keen to try candied grapefruit peel, so I guess I’m freaking out for nothing.

      We found coconut sugar at the Natural Living Center in Bangor, and I’ve seen it at a couple of natural food stores down here. I tried it with brown sugar, too. It’s not as caramelly, but it’s still pretty tasty. Especially with dark brown sugar.

  5. elizabeth says:

    I LOOOOOVE grapefruit, but I can definitely appreciate needing some sort of gateway to get into a food that isn’t instantly palatable to all. I really like grapefruit (and oranges, actually) deployed in more savory recipes like salads–the tartness blends in well with the other ingredients, and it would be almost wrong for the fruit to be super sweet, you know?

    • Brianne says:

      This was indeed a gateway. And the floodgates have now opened! I was trying to come up with an orange and beef stew last week, but got too lazy to execute it. Grapefruit seems like it would do well in savory dishes since it’s not so sweet. I have since eaten red grapefruit in a salad and freaking loved it. I don’t know what happened to my palate over the last year that made it so grapefruit-crazy, but I’m sure glad I can eat them now! SO good. (I’m thinking it was all those Negronis…)

  6. carey says:

    OK, so I’m going to admit something. I love the flavor of all citruses (grapefruit being one of my favorites), but I actually can’t stand straight up eating things like grapefruits or oranges. There’s just something about the texture that I find so underwhelming. (Clementines are an exception. I think they’re small and dense enough for me to enjoy.) BUT, there was this one time I went to a fancy pop-up dinner and ordered a dish that was skate over celeriac puree with some pink grapefruit slices. The combination of celeriac + grapefruit was so crazy good, I couldn’t get over it. I would have gobbled down a plate of just that, without the skate.

    I do love the subdued mellow sweetness of a broiled grapefruit, though, and I can just imagine how much better it gets with coconut sugar! Yummm. (:

    • Brianne says:

      Dude, I ate a minneola the other day and it was so gooey that I almost threw up. Real life. Clementines are where it’s at, and I can do blood oranges and now grapefruit! just fine. I had celeriac at a restaurant last fall and have not stopped thinking about it. It’s time to play. And with the grapefruit! Sounds amazing.

      And thank you for introducing me to coconut sugar! Were it not for those awesome angel food cupcakes you made last summer, this recipe would never have happened:)

  7. Linda says:

    Yay, I’m so glad you’ve come around to grapefruit! I love it – I think it’s the smell, which is SO refreshing and clean (which might in part be due to the fact that I associate it with hand soap, since we are religious users of Method’s Pink Grapefruit scent). But I also love how tart it tastes. Does broiling it make the tartness go away? I think I’d be sad if that happened. On the other hand, coconut sugar!!! I think that would even be enough to make a grapefruit fan out of Chris! I should give it a try.

    And your pictures are beautiful Brianne!

    • Brianne says:

      I love the smell of grapefruit! I just got some of that pink grapefruit cleaner–we use the clementine scent like whoa, and I thought it would be fun to switch it up:) I can’t tell you if the tartness is reduced in white grapefruit because I have yet to try it raw (and I’ll try it soon and get back to you!), but it makes red grapefruit really bitter. I won’t be broiling red grapefruit anytime soon.

  8. I actually love grapefruit as it is, something about the bitterness that’s really appealing. Broiling sure does bring out another layer of flavor, love your photos!

    • Brianne says:

      I have gotten into eating red grapefruit as is, too. I really do love it’s bitterness when raw. The photos were taken on my iPhone–I didn’t have a shot set up, so I just took a couple of snaps on my kitchen counter! Thanks!

  9. OK, HOW have I never heard of coconut sugar?? Love the post, Brianne!

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