Easy to adapt.

On the menu: Roasted Chickpeas and Vegetables

We’ve been busy around here. I’ve picked up a second job to supplement my meager finances, and it has definitely taken a toll on my motivation to cook. But cooking is what keeps me sane, so I’ve put serious effort to cook two or three good meals a week with Kevin. I’ve taken it upon myself to try as many varieties of winter squash as possible this fall, as squash and I have not been closely associated for the vast majority of my existence. We’ve established that butternut squash is delicious, but acorn squash is not so tasty. I decided to try buttercup squash for this recipe, making this mystery vegetable the highlight of a flavorful fall meal.

This recipe came from Food Network Magazine, and it was one of those recipes that jumped off of the page with its gorgeous colors and textures. Reading the recipe left a little to be desired, but it was easy to adapt into what I was looking for. I used Joy the Baker’s recipe for roasted chickpeas and roasted the vegetables right along with them. Kevin cooked the rice and steamed the snow peas. Our version was just as beautiful as the one presented in the magazine, and we were eager to dig in.

Friends, roasted chickpeas are amazing. They form a paper thin crust that you bite through to reach the creamy inside, making for a killer textural element in this dish. The chickpeas were a great complement to the smooth, sweet, and delicious (Yes!) buttercup squash. The robust flavors from the cumin, smoked Spanish paprika, coriander, ginger, and sesame oil reminded me of the recipes from Yotam Ottolenghi’s book Plenty. The cauliflower, peas, and mint added some much needed freshness and cut through the heavy flavors of the rest of the dish.┬áThis is a phenomenal meatless meal that we will definitely make again.

Oh, oh, oh! I have to tell you about the 4th kind of squash I’ve tried this season: red kuri squash! I have read a lot about it and I was unable to find it anywhere locally, but I found it at our local natural foods store. I picked one up and made Tartelette’s Coconut and Red Kuri Squash soup. Red kuri squash is a little more savory than butternut squash, but it’s not as bitter as acorn squash. The soup was divine; decadent in flavor and texture yet light on the palate.


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2 Responses to Easy to adapt.

  1. emma schultz says:

    Ack, a second job huh? That’s something I’ve been considering for over two years now, but I never got up the nerve to do it. Plus I thought it was against the rules… where are you working? I need to take a lesson or two from you;)

    The food sounds great, I could take some lessons in that department as well. Oh, and I just made a comment tonight about how good it feels to finally be making some good meals again. I feel so much healthier, and happier too:)

    • Brianne says:

      I have an early morning stocking job at Target. I like the work, but I don’t like the lack of sleep I’m getting lately!

      A good, healthy meal can cure what ails you, man. That’s some truth.

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